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Support for Publications

Korean Translations of Tasan's Collected Writings
  • Along with the publication of the Official Edition of Yeoyudang Jeonseo, a series of Korean translations of Tasan's collected writings have been planned and will be published in stages. The first step is the translation of Tasan's treatises related to his study of the Chinese classics, and annotated translations of Sigyeong Gangyi (Translation by Silsi Haksa) and Noneo Gogeumju (Translation by Lee Ji Hyeong) have been published. Currently, there are plans to translate and publish the Taehak Gongui and the Taegak Kangui, the Jungyongjajam and the Jungyonggangui, and the Chunchu Gojing, and beyond that, to achieve the goal of having a complete annotated set of Tasan's works. Henceforth the foundation will also support the stage by stage translation and publication of Tasan's other main works.
Academic Series on Tasan
  • The Tasan Cultural Foundation is supporting the publication of original work and doctoral theses about Tasan in order to promote the compilation of the results of previous academic research and to encourage new research. The first in the Tasan Studies Series, A Study on Tasan's Silhak (Author: Kum Jang Tae), has been published, and beginning with the second monograph in the series, Studies on Tasan's Manuscripts, these academic works will continue to be published.