Other endeavors

The Digitalization of Academic Content related to Tasan and Tasan Studies
  • Based off of the Official Edition of Yeoyudang Jeonseo and the Encyclopedia of Tasan Studies, the Foundation is creating a datebase and web service for easy access to original documents related to Tasan and other information on Tasan Studies, both in Korea and overseas.
Promotion of Tasan and Tasan Studies
  • In order to internationalize and increase awareness of Tasan's thought, the Tasan Cultural Foundation is creating, developing, and distributing cultural content related to Tasan.
  • The creation and distribution of the "Roadmap of the life and thought of Tasan" in Korean and English.
  • The creation of a documentary about Tasan's life and philosophy, in Korean and English
Support for Reading Seminars and Workshops
  • For the widespread diffusion of research about Tasan Studies, the foundation supports reading seminars and workshops by providing operating expenses.
  • Support for reading seminars about Tasan's works or Tasan studies
  • Support for workshops related to Tasan studies.
  • Support for public lectures related to Tasan.
Namyangju City Tasan Academic Article Competition for University and Graduate students
  • On behalf of Namyangju city and the Namyangju Comittee for Advancement of Tasan's Cultural Heritage, The Tasan Cultural Foundation has been supervising the Tasan Academic Article Competition since 2011. This competition is for students of Korean Universities who intend to enter the academic world, and will increase the understanding of Tasan's Silhak philosophy, and help advance Tasan Studies.
The Management of a Tasan Studies Resource Room
  • The Tasan Cultural Foundation operates a Tasan studies resource room, in order to provide a convenient place of research for scholars of Tasan Studies and Silhak, and for the active exchange between the foundation and researchers. Newly published books and articles about Tasan Studies are on shelf, and information related to the various manuscripts and writings of Tasan that were collected in the process of compiling the Official Edition of Yeoyudang Jeonseo are available to scholars. In the future, we plan to systematically and comprehensively organize documents related to Tasan studies and digitalize them, making these resources available to both researchers and lay people.
The Tasan Cultural Foundation's Homepage
  • The Tasan Cultural Foundation's webpage (www.tasan.or.kr) provides both researchers and non-academics with information about the foundation's research and academic activities, along with documents related to Tasan Studies. In the future, the Tasan Cultural Foundation will produce Korean and English movies and other media to introduce Tasan across the globe, and plans to make available the Official Edition of Yeoyudang Jeonseo and the Encyclopedia of Tasan Studies.