Board of Directors

Advisory Committee
  • Lee Woo Sung
  • Director of Silsihaksa Foundation
  • Lee Hyun Jae
  • Former Chairman of Ho-Am Foundation
  • Park Byoung Ho
  • Professor Emeritus at Seoul National University
  • Jung Bum Jin
  • Professor Emeritus at Sungkyunkwan University
  • Rho Seung Haeng
  • Representative of Doo-Re Law Firm
  • Lee Jae Kwang
  • Advisor of Yulchon Law Firm
Board of Directors
  • Chung Hae Chang
  • President of the Tasan Cultural Foundation, former Minister of Justice
  • Gang Cheon Seok
  • Editor in Chief of the Choson Ilbo
  • Keum Jang Tae
  • Professor Emeritus at Seoul National University
  • Park Seok Mu
  • Directer of the Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics
  • Song Jong Eui
  • Nonexecutive director of Asia Cement Co.
  • Won Chul Hee
  • Chairman of the Agro-Food New Marketing Institution
  • Lee Young Hoon
  • Professor at Seoul National University
  • Lee Chun Su
  • Chairperson of the Board of Yeungnam University
  • Chung Soon woo
  • Professor at the Academy of Korean Studies
  • Organizational chart