• The Tasan Cultural Foundation was founded with the support of the Naju Jung Family Wolheon-gong Branch Organization, the Chungjeong-gong Branch Organization and the Kyori-gong Branch Organization, in order to revive Tasan Jeong Yak Yeong's philosophies and ideas in our era, and to inherit the spirit of his practical learning. Fifteen years have passed since this foundation opened its doors at the end of 1998. On the 250th anniversary of Tasan's birth in 2012, a revised version of the collection of Tasan's writings, the Official Edition of Yeoyudang Jeonseo, was published, and progress on an Encyclopedia of Tasan Studies was well underway. During this time the Tasan Cultural Foundation has been preparing the foundation for the future of Tasan Studies by providing generous support for academic research activities. In addition, the foundation has regularly hosted academic conferences both in Korea and abroad, and has put great effort into international exchange and the expansion of Tasan Studies. I would like to deeply thank all those who have given their support in this endeavor, both in Korea and overseas. Now, the Tasan Cultural Foundation is at a point where it is deliberating on more development for the future. From now on, through a more comprehensive and systematic plan, we will spare no efforts in support of academic research, and will work towards the invigoration of both domestic and international academic activities and exchange, to create a Tasan Studies that is truly global. I look forward to the active participation of the scholars who will lead this endeavor, and those from all walks of life who are interested in Tasan,
President of The Tasan Cultural Foundation
Chung Hae Chang